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What do reviewers have to say about Turn Tables?



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“AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!! This story was INCREDIBLE!! Rourke has done it again!! She has created a fun and romantic rom-com read that kept me turning every single page. There were so many feelers in this story, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh out loud, cry, or be infuriated right along with the characters in this story. A piece of my heart has for sure been left within its pages.” 


“Funniest book I think I have ever read!”


“Every woman needs a BFF like Tandy. I laughed throughout the entire book. I highlighted countless Tandy quotes. Seriously, y’all…this book is freaking hilarious from the first line to the last.”


“I thought Adapted for Film was a lighthearted and hysterical book, but Turn Tables took all of the best parts of that and amplified it 100 times over.”


“Aubrey and Tandy managed to get into some hilarious situations. The author’s quirky sense of humor is delightful.”


“Very few books make me laugh out loud, cringe, or dream about the characters, but this book did just that. It is full of snarky humor, one liners that will crack you up and have you laughing out loud, and characters that are more than memorable. I loved every minute of the time spent reading this book and cannot wait to see the movie… wait, you mean there is not a movie planned for this? Well, there should be!”


This story will have you cracking up and busting at the seams …”


“I applaud Stacey Rourke for her phenomenal characters, and an enthralling plot line, that kept me turning the pages. I won’t post anybspoikers, but I would really like to see both Adapted for Film and Turn Tables actually be adapted for film and brought to the big screen!”


“One of the most fun reads I’ve had in ages!”

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